Crow River Church is a part of a community of churches that together make up one interconnected and multiplying organization. Our name says a lot! The second largest living organism in the world is an Aspen Grove in Colorado and Utah. Each Aspen tree is unique but also interconnected in its root system. Aspen Grove Network is interconnected in sharing staff, ministry and mission across our various sites. We are unique in loving each individual community in the name of Jesus. We believe our unity makes us stronger at uniquely minstering and meeting needs. We value unity not uniformity, trinitarian love, experimentation, experience & wisdom, strong staff & volunteeer training, economy of scale through shared resources, mutiple teaching and worship voices, shared staff, learning from one another, shared ministry and bringing glory to God. 

Here are the communities that currently make up our network: 

Crow River Church in Delano

Woodridge Church in Medina

Mercy Hill Church in Minnetonka