Over and over throughout the New Testament, we see people commanded to "repent and be baptized" after encountering God. At our church, we celebrate baptism as an outward symbol of the inward reality of what God is doing. Scroll further down to read additional, important information about Baptism.

At Crow River, we celebrate baptism throughout all stages of life. If you are interested in being baptized, contact the corresponding staff member:

Adults - Aaron Sorenson

Students (Grades 6-12) - Brody Egeberg

Children (5th Grade & Younger) - Shelby Dahlheimer

The Practice of Baptism

Baptism is a powerful way to celebrate and declare your faith in Jesus as your Savior and leader. Here is some additional information about Baptism:


At Crow River we believe that baptism is for everyone who believes in Christ and has chosen to follow Him. In baptism, people express faith in Jesus Christ and publicly acknowledge their commitment to Him, therefore, Baptism is an important expression of faith. We are obeying God when we choose to be baptized as Jesus commanded His followers to be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


Scripture teaches that baptism is a symbol of Christ's death, burial, and resurrection - that as believers we were buried with Christ and then raised with Him. Thus, baptism symbolizes the passing of our old life and the beginning of our new life as a Christian. Though baptism does not save us in and of itself, it does allow us to demonstrate publicly that we have chosen to follow Christ and have been saved by Him.


The Greek New Testament word for baptism literally means "to dip or immerse". At Crow River we follow this example. We believe immersion in water preserves and fulfills this meaning of baptism. It best symbolizes our union with Christ, our spiritual cleansing and forgiveness and our promised resurrection.


Crow River holds an outdoor baptism service in August at Lake Rebecca and an indoor baptism in the fall/winter at the Delano Middle School pool. Baptism classes that teach the meaning and significance of believer's baptism are offered for both adults and children. If you would like to be baptized or have further questions, please contact Pastor Aaron Sorenson.


I was baptized as an infant. Should I be baptized again?  

Your infant baptism shows your family's desire for you to know God and align your life with Him. Being baptized now reflects you relationship with Christ and desire to follow Him. This baptism does not diminish your infant baptism, it is your affirmation of it.

Can families be baptized together?

Yes. We encourage it just as long as each family member fully understands the meaning of baptism and desires to follow Christ. Crow River generally permits the baptism of children who are nine years of age (or have completed third grade) because children at this age are able to express their belief and understand their actions.

Is baptism required for membership at Crow River Church?

Being a fellowship member of Crow River does not have baptism as a pre-condition, but we encourage all those who have a relationship with Christ to celebrate faith through baptism.