aspen grove network

Crow River Church is a part of a community of churches that together make up one interconnected and multiplying organization. Our name says a lot! The second largest living organism in the world is an Aspen Grove in Colorado and Utah. Each Aspen tree is unique but also interconnected in its root system. Aspen Grove Network is interconnected in sharing staff, ministry and mission across our various sites. We are unique in loving each individual community in the name of Jesus. We believe our unity makes us stronger at uniquely minstering and meeting needs. We value unity not uniformity, trinitarian love, experimentation, experience & wisdom, strong staff & volunteeer training, economy of scale through shared resources, mutiple teaching and worship voices, shared staff, learning from one another, shared ministry and bringing glory to God. 

Here are the communities that currently make up our network: 

Crow River Church in Delano

Woodridge Church in Medina

Mercy Hill Church in Minnetonka

converge worldwide denomination

The Converge Worldwide denomination is a fellowship of churches whose theology is biblically evangelical; whose character is multi-ethnic; whose spirit is positive and affirmative; whose purpose is to fulfill the Great Commission through evangelism, discipleship and church planting; and whose people celebrate openness and freedom in the context of Christ’s lordship.

the sheridan story

The mission of The Sheridan Story is to fight child hunger through school and community partnerships. Did you know that 1 out of 5 kids suffer from food insecurity? Through our partnership with the Sheridan story, a weekend’s food supply is given to kids in Delano schools, to sustain them over the weekend so they can come to school on Monday morning ready to learn. Learn more about the mission and how you can get involved with The Sheridan Story by visiting their website.

the reel hope project

The Reel Hope Project makes videos of Minnesota kids waiting to be adopted and mobilizes communities to bring foster kids into adoptive families.

To learn more about Reel Hope checkout their website:

poland evangelical mission (pem)

PEM is unique in that we don’t send career missionaries to the field. Instead, we help support Polish pastors and congregations to reach their own countrymen with the gospel. No one in PEM’s leadership in the U.S. receives a salary. With the exception of modest office expenses, everything contributed to PEM ultimately goes to the field. In addition to helping local churches in Poland, we assist two Christian camps, a seminary, and help with special projects.

Encouragement Need/ Prayer request:

  • Success in church planting efforts,

  • God to call young people to the ministry, especially to church planting,

  • The ability of the summer camping ministry to produce converts,

  • People to be drawn to training through the Evangelical Bible Seminary.

To learn more about PEM visit:


We are privileged to spiritually and financially support missionaries both locally and internationally. To learn more about the people we support and what their doing to lead and serve in God's kingdom take a look below. 

  • Joselo & Kristin Wolford

    Ramas Vivas means Living Branches.

    “I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear

    much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

    Ramas Vivas Ministry exists to disciple young people through service and to help

    them mature into faithful families and community leaders who love Christ and

    inspire others to seek Him too.

    Ramas Vivas ministry was founded by and is led by a group of teenagers and young

    adults who are passionate about following Jesus, serving their community and

    sharing their faith.

    The ministry consists of 41 youth who travel to nine neighborhoods to build

    relationships with children. Through Bible study, games, crafts, academic tutoring,

    prayer and worship, these young teachers reach over 350 children living in poverty

    with a message of love and hope every week.

    The teenagers and young adults leading the classes also grow deeper in their faith

    and as leaders as they take turns leading and participating in Bible studies,

    discipleship courses, lesson planning, workshops, conferences, construction

    projects, Vacation Bible School, a radio program, and more.

    To make this ministry financially sustainable, we are starting a business in the

    Dominican Republic in which we sell safe drinking water to the community.

    Encouragement Need/Prayer request

    • Continued growth in leadership as our ministry evolves to a new level.   Youth volunteers recently have become part-time staff members. May they grow even deeper in their faith and as leaders as they step out in faith and learn to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit as leaders.  May they become even more passionate, committed, responsible and sacrificial, understand and respond to their callings.

    • Children hear and understand the Gospel, and determine to follow Jesus as their Lord.

    • Parents and families would be encouraged and grow in relationship with Christ.

    • New financial parters for our ministry and the funds remaining to build and open the water purification center.

    • Balance and wisdom while they raise young children and invest in others.

    • Their children would know and fall in love with Jesus. 

  • Viktor & hannah Paulsson

    Viktor and Hannah are church planters in Stockholm, Sweden working through the New Life Church Network. Viktor is one of New Life's Site Pastors.

    Encouragement Need/ Prayer Request:

    • For Hannah and Viktor as they lead a church plant.

    • For direction and unity within the leadership with New Life.

    • For wisdom on selecting staff to help run the sites.

  • Jim & Lynn jarmAn

    Jim and Lynn Jarman serve Sweden as Church Multiplication Catalysts.  They love coaching and mentoring church planters as they start gospel initiatives that lead to churches being born.  Stockholm is the fastest growing city in Europe with 30,000 new people each year - yet less than 1/2 of 1% attend a church of any kind.  The current generation of Swedes is considered a lost people group. Would you pray for the revival of the Kingdom of Sweden and her beautiful people? 

    Encouragement Need/Prayer Requests: 

    • For God to empower them to reach a new generation of Swedes to stand strong for the gospel.

    • For God to give them opportunities to help others with cold hearts to be open to the love of Christ.

    • For wisdom for Jim and Lynn as they call, train and coach new church planters - in Sweden, Europe, and Russia.


    For more info:


  • Josh Freeman

    Josh is on his way to serve as a missionary to Togo, West Africa.

    To learn more about Josh check his website out:

  • Luke & Cristal mcclain

    Youth with a mission || The nest Maternity home

    Luke and Cristal McClain together with their children Asher, Matias, and Zoe are missionaries with Youth With A Mission Minneapolis (YWAM). YWAM is an international and interdenominational global movement of people from all over the world that are on a journey “To Know God and to Make Him Known”. 

    Luke and Cristal serve as the Directors of YWAM Minneapolis where they are called to be a family of believers who are called to equip and send the next generation to be God’s Light. The equipping is taught through missionary training schools, short-term mission trips and outreaches both local and international. 

    A part of their story is the birth of the Nest Maternity Home-also a ministry of YWAM, where Cristal still leads and provides support to the Nest staff and residents. The Nest is a transitional housing program for pregnant women and single moms with babies under 1 year old. The Nest’s heart is to partner with God and the women in their pursuit towards wholeness as they build a better future for themselves and their children. 

    Encouragement Need/Prayer Request:

    • For the mothers who come through the Nest, that they would experience and come to know Jesus through Luke and Cristal and the other staff.

    • For wisdom and direction as they serve as directors of YWAM Mpls.

    • For God to equip them to teach and send the next generation of leaders to other countries. 

    • For peace and wisdom as they serve God, serve others, and especially as they parent their 3 beautiful children.

    For more information about The Nest:

    McClain’s Ministry Website:

    You can reach them at: