Why It Matters

We will come out and say it… Talking about money in church can be challenging, and uncomfortable.  We get it.

However, an uncomfortable truth we have chosen to sit with as a church: Jesus talks about it more than almost anything else.  So we have to talk about it.  For us to continue taking steps into the life that Jesus has for us, it requires us to grow in our generosity and look seriously at what Jesus asks of us in regards to our money.

It is a huge act of faith to trust Jesus’ teachings surrounding money, but we can honestly say we have NEVER met someone who believed “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Jesus in Acts 20:35) in their lives that has regretted it.


Motives - We entirely understand how it can be hard to discern the motives of church leaders inviting their people to live generously. Is it because the church needs more money?  Is it because God genuinely wants that for us?  What is driving the conversation?

These are really valid, and important question.

Read through The Commitment to the very end to see how we’re dealing with some of these.


Here is the Generous Living Commitment: Commit to being a percentage giver (giving away a certain percentage of your income every month)… In the Old Testament we see God’s people giving the first 10% as an offering, and trusting that God will provide.

We firmly believe that being a percentage giver is the best way to grow into a lifestyle of generosity; a life that is built on trusting the God who loves us to provide, as well as using what we have to love people well.  A life of loving God, and loving people.

If you believe in the work that we’re doing as a church, we would be honored if you chose to give to us.  BUT.  This challenge isn’t about us… The heart behind the generosity challenge is us wanting something FOR YOU, not from you.  

Giving to Crow River:

1.  Go here to set up automatic giving through PushPay HERE.

Want to learn about how we steward the money people give?  Go here.


If you’re not at a place that you’re comfortable investing in the ministry and impact here at Crow River yet, we don’t want that to keep you from joining the Generous Living Commitment and the life that God has for you… You can become a percentage giver and give your money to one of these other places/causes we believe God has called us to invest.  We've attached all of their links below to make it as easy as possible for you.

You can give to:


  1. Churches in Sweden

  2. YWAM Minneapolis (in Rockford)

  3. Polish missionaries


  1. Healing Haiti

  2. Reel Hope Project

  3. The Sheridan Story