lil' sprouts

birth - preschool

Lil' Sprouts is our Early Childhood ministry, open to children from birth to preschool. It takes place Sunday morning during the worship service.

In Lil’ Sprouts, our lessons on Sunday mornings each week focus on three main things: God loves me, God made me, and Jesus wants to be my friend forever. These are the seeds of faith that we hope to see sprout in your child’s time here. 

Each week, your child will be greeted by loving teachers as they head into their classrooms. They will hear a new Bible story each week, and complete fun lessons that reinforce what they are learning. Lil’ Sprouts is a fun and safe place for our children to begin the fun adventure of getting to know God.

Our Three Key Ideas:




New to Crow River Church? Save time by pre-registering your child(ren) before you arrive on Sunday. 

Important Note Pertaining to Covid-19: 

As we open up our church service to an in-person experience, we will continue to provide an at home experience for children's ministry as long as Orange Curriculum allows. 

Lil' Sprouts uses Orange Curriculum on Sunday mornings for our teaching and we are thankful they are offering everyone access to it during this time. We recommend using the online video experience to worship with your kids. Click on the Orange Curriculum to find the videos.

Click on Parent Cue for conversation guides and resources on their website. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to Alex our Early Childhood Director.

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Whether you’re dealing with a teething baby who won’t stop crying or a high schooler who won’t say a single word, you can identify with the challenges of parenthood.

As a parent, you have the tremendous task of instilling your kids with a moral compass to guide them through the rest of their lives. With such an important responsibility, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed at times.

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