Unite (Middle School)

Unite is a space and community for middle schoolers

(6th-8th grade) to belong and encounter Jesus in an authentic way...All while being a middle schooler. Kids are kids, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

During the school year we meet at Delano Elementary from 6-7:30 on Wednesday nights. Our nights consist of a biblical teaching, small groups (broken down by grade/gender) and plenty of activities that help students have fun together! 

During the summer, we plan a couple of gatherings to keep this community of students connected. 

Form (High School)

High school is one of the most formative times in life, a time where students begin the process of becoming adults. FORM is a community of high schoolers who are wrestling with the important questions of faith and growing more and more into what it means to be a disciple of Christ. All while having a lot of fun being a family together.

Our high schoolers meet at the Palmer's home (5972 Fenning Ave SE, Delano).  FORM meets from 7:30-9pm on Wednesdays during the school year.