Financial Priorities During covid-19

In this unprecedented time, we want to share with you, with complete clarity, how we are prioritizing and managing finances. We know people are being stretched in all sorts of ways, and we want to make sure we are not only stewarding the money given well but also helping those in need.

Aspen Grove Financial Priorities During COVID-19

Crow River Church and the AGN are attempting to:

1. Eliminate all unnecessary expenses.

2. Maintain current staffing and compensation levels, current levels of compensation to our vendors, and current levels of giving to our missionaries and non-profit partners.

3. Invest in tools and resources (ZOOM, RightNow Media, Facebook Streams, Online Advertising, etc) that will enable us to be most effective as we find new ways to minister during this season.

4. Position ourselves for medium term organizational health and the ability to meet needs as they emerge in the next 1-3 months.

5. Use extra financial resources to provide for those in our community who are in need.

6. Use extra financial resources to bless our neighbors.


How will we share what is happening?

Each month we will have a dashboard that shares income, regular expenses, strategic expenses, medium term savings, assistance in our community, and assistance outside our community. As part of this, we will also share engagement stats (live stream views, Zoom participation, etc).


How can I contribute?

Please be generous in your giving to our general fund (and ask for help if you need it). Because we do not know the needs that may arise we want to make sure our accounting is as flexible as possible. We want to match that level of flexibility with unparalleled financial transparency with regard to what is being given, what is being spent, what is being saved, and how we are using our resources to love our church community and our neighbors.


What is the plan to support individuals in our community?

As people come forward with needs, we will do what we can to help meet them as best we can. We have a benevolence fund that is designated monies that go directly to people in need. Each case is unique and is handled in a unique way. We monitor and track all benevolence so we are fair. Approval is made by the Site Pastor in conjunction with the staff and other Site Pastors. A likely reason for exclusion would be that a person is not determined to be a regular attendee in our network. Please note that in this instance and in all instances we believe we are sent to love and generosity is a core value. Those principles will shape decision making.


What is the plan to support our neighbors? 

Right now we are partnering with local organizations in our community and funneling most of our giving through them (Love INC for Crow River). Additionally, anyone referred by someone in our community will receive a $100 grocery gift card, assuming we have the financial resource to meet all those requests.


What if we have extra savings when this crisis is over?

First off, we hope to have extra savings and strongly believe that we will.

We are optimistic about the way the social distancing guidelines are being followed in Minnesota.

And, our community of three churches has been witness over and over to God’s generosity toward us — it has truly shaped who we are as Aspen Grove. Woodridge is a leader when it comes to being a generous church even, and maybe especially, in the midst of challenge. That DNA is something that they have passed on to Crow River and Mercy Hill.

We want to be good stewards of our resources but we also want to hold an open hand believing that not everything God gives us is for us — it might be that it is something God gives through us in the months to come. It would be too early to pinpoint exactly where extra resources would go but some individuals and groups that are likely to be missed by regular channels of financial support are: our international missions partners, our local non-profit partners, and church plants. We also would evaluate any additional monies go toward our building campaign.